How to sync subtitles?


This post is divided into two sections i.e. synchronization in VLC media player and KM player. So, lets start with VLC player.

How to synchronize the subtitles with audio in VLC Media Player

Sometimes in VLC Media player, audio and video as well as its subtitle get out of synchronization. It means you may not get the sound according to the playing video. The video then becomes unbearable and all you can do is shut the video and do your work. So, in this post i have cover the steps needed to synchronize back the subtitles with movie audio. Here, this guide will cover how to correct the synchronization of these files

If you play video using the VLC player, then you don’t need to use extra software to fix this problem. Among them Synchronization feature is the one by which adjustment of audio and subtitle will be done. It’s really very helpful to give you a good movie-watching experience.

How to synchronize the subtitles with audio or video

1-First you have to play the movie where the sound is desynchronised from the video.

2-Watch carefully and compare the audio and video to figure out the issue. Is the sound output with the video faster or later?
3- Pause the video if it is running.
4-. Go to Tools which is located in the top, when the player is not in full screen mode and select the Effects and Filters or you can directly press ctrl+E


3. select the Synchronization tab.


If the sound comes before executing the video then you have to put something like 1,2,3 or 4). Otherwise put a negative value (-1,-2,-3 or -4) to the Audio

-Next play the video and repeat the above procedure if the problem is nor sort out.


Here you have to find out the time duration of de-synchronization between the audio and subtitle. Then likely the previous description, open the Effect and Filters > Synchronization tab.

There increase or decrease the Subtitle track synchronization value. Obviously, if it is displayed lately than the audio, then decrease and put some negative (-) value there. And for advance displayed subtitles comparing the sound, increase the value of track sync.

Hope these procedures will help you to continue watching the movie If you face any problem during synchronization of the audio with subtitles you can drop your precious comments below or directly contact me on facebook.

How To Synchronize Video And Subtitles with KM


Probably, the ability to just pause a movie and drag the subtitle to a suitable timeline position may put you at ease, but this is never the case. So having the option to edit the subtitle so that it will sync with your movie timeline may be a solution you want to look into.

That’s right, there’s a way to re-sync your movie subtitle and we will show you how to do it with KM player a video player that supports many video formats with options to change, re-sync and even edit your movie subtitle.

Sync Subtitles With The Video

In this tutorial, we will be using KMPlayer to sync subtitles with its video, therefore if you don’t have one, head over to the download page and install KMPlayer on your computer.

  1. When it’s already installed, launch KMPlayer and open the video you want to re-sync the subtitles of.

  1. Click on the Control Box at the bottom left of the KMPlayer.

  1. Click on the ‘A’ icon to edit (re-sync) the subtitles.

  1. Now you will be presented with a small window of options to edit your subtitle.

The button ‘Sync-’ is to delay the subtitle for the current timeline, while ‘Sync+’ is to fast-forward the subtitle, both changes are by 0.5 seconds. Click on ‘Resync’ if you want to specifically set the delay time.

In this tutorial, we will do some changes for the whole movie, now click on ‘More…’ button.

  1. Now you will be listed with all available subtitles for the video, alongside the timeline.

  1. Double-click on the subtitles you want to re-sync. At the top left of the edit window, there are number of buttons you can use to re-sync your subtitles.

[ - Delay subtitles by -0.5 seconds

] – Push forward subtitle by +0.5 seconds

TS – Sync whole subtitle with a specific time

SS – Sync the selected subtitle with a specific time

R – Reset subtitle sync

S – Reset selected subtitle sync

There are more buttons at the top right of the window, but you will be using more on the left.

  1. Now to specifically re-sync selected subtitle, double-click on any specific subtitle, click on the ‘SS’ button and set the time you want to adjust, use positive integer to push-forward while negative integer to delay a little. When ready, click ‘OK’ and your subtitles will re-sync following the time you have set.


Everything is now set with KMPlayer. Now you need not stress out from watching movies with delayed subtitles, since you can now re-sync the subtitles on your own, on any specific line or for the whole movie. There are many more options available on KMPlayer which you can explore and find useful.

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