House of Cards Subtitles in English download season 1, season 2

House of Cards Subtitles in English download season 1, season 2

House of cards is a political drama tv serial produced by Beau Willimon based on the novel “The House of Cards”by Miichael Dobbs. The first season of this serial was premiered on February1, 2013. The second season is currently in production.

house of cards

The subtitles of “House of cards” Tv serial is available. Downoad the srt clicking the links for each episodes or directly download the subtitles of all episodes.

Download Individual Subtitles-

1-Episode 1

2-Episode 2

3-Episode 3

4-Episode 4


Kevin Spacey has been casted as an US Representative “Frank” who is a Democrat and a graduate of “The sentinel” school. “Robin Wright” has been casted as Claire Underwood. She is Francis’s wife in the serial. Constance Zimmer has been casted as Janine Skorsky who is a reporter for “The Washington Herald”.

The other cast of this Tv serial are-

1-Kate Mara as zoe Barnes

Role-A reporter for “The Washington Herald”

2-Corey Stoll as US Representative Peter Russo

Role-A democrat from Pennsylvania

3-Michael Kelly as Doug Stamper

Role-Underwood’s chief of staff

4-Sakina Jaffrey as Linda Vasquez

Role-President, White House Chief of staff

5-Kristen Connoly as Christina Gallagher

Role-Staffer  and in relation with peter  Russo


The House of cards Season 1

The first season received positive reviews from viewers. Everyone praised the the series. Tom Gillatto of People Weekly laude the first two episodes calling them “cinematically rich, full of sleek, oily polls of darkness”.  In the first season Francis Frank is a Democratic congressman and House Majority Whip.  The first season began in January 2012. The second season is still in production and yet to be filemed. The 2nd season is expected to be filmed in  the upcoming month.

There have been 13 episodes in first season filled with Drama, Political Thriller and tragedy. The running time is 45-55 minutes.




1-The House of cards english subtitles download

2-download english subtitles of the house of cards

3-get srt file of house of cards tv serial

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