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Director: Taylor Hackford

Screenplay:  John J. McLaughlin


  1. Jason Statham as Parker[6]
  2. Jennifer Lopez as Leslie Rodgers[4]
  3. Michael Chiklis as Melander[7]
  4. Wendell Pierce as Carlson[8]
  5. Clifton Collins Jr. as Ross[8]
  6. Bobby Cannavale as Jake Fernandez[8]
  7. Patti LuPone as Ascension[9]
  8. Carlos Carrasco as Norte[10]
  9. Micah A. Hauptman as August Hardwicke[7]
  10. Emma Booth as Claire[8]
  11. Nick Nolte as Hurley[4]
  12. Daniel Bernhardt as Kroll[10]
  13. Dax Riggs as Himself


Release Date- 25 January 2013 (USA)

Genre- Thriller, Crime

Summary-Direction of Taylor Hackford, this one is based on American crime ready to excite the viewers. Jason Statham is the Parker in the movie with Jennifer Lopez in the lead. The story is modified form of ‘Flashfire.’


The story moves around a rob Parker, who gets double-crossed from the side of his crew people. His confidant Hurley suggests him to join a five-man group, to whom he is unknown. His duty is to rob but he does not rob the poor and innocent. Parker refuses to rob further as they all have cruel minds and plans. After their plan succeeds, they shoot him that he should die in lake. But by God’s grace, someone finds him alive and thus he is saved. He decides to take a revenge on them. He moves to Palm Beach and with the support of Leslie(Jennifer) makes a plan. She helps him in hunting the jewellery, which his crew head Melander has stolen. The crew comes to know that he is still alive and thus send their person for keeping an aye on Parker’s plans and steps. This person makes an attempt to seize Hurley’s daughter and girlfriend of Parker. Hurley warns Parker and suggests him to leave the city with her girlfriend but he is filled with the feeling of rage. So, refuses to go. Paker in disguise of Parmitt, meets Leslie and takes interest in a house. Because Malender stays in this house and it has been put for auction of that jewellery which costs $50 million dollar. Leslie agrees to give the information to Parker. In return, she will get her percent. Leslie falls in love with Parker. However, it is one-sided love as Parker loves his girlfriend Claire(Emma).

The crew becomes successful in their planned robbery. They doubt Leslie as she works with Parker and go on putting questions to her. Malender gets killed in a fight with Parker. The whole crew members are dead. Leslie gets her commission that makes a change in her life.


This movie makes you think if the stealing has been so easy. The story is of a professional criminal and thief. The action scenes are quite catchy. The characters play best on their part. Parker holds his role very well. It will add interest in you to know what will happen further. The screenplay is awesome. The story comes out in an effective way. You will find it a little odd at some places. Special effects will just thrill the audience. Movie goes unsympathetic due to presence of such characters. Jennifer etc. females will make it a non-boring one. The script goes a little weak. All in all, a good venture and experience while watching such thrills.

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